The Chumash Tour is a hands-on, interactive outdoor tour designed to bring the Chumash culture to life! Students will experience different aspects of Chumash life to help gain an understanding of the Native Chumash civilization. Set in the Calabasas Creek Park, this program is geared specifically for Third Grade Students. The program consists of a 5-station tour which includes the storytelling of Chumash myths and legends inside a recreated 'ap (Chumash dwelling), learning about gathering and processing necessary plants for food and medicine, discussions on the traditional methods of hunting, gathering and fishing and making a Chumash inspired necklace while discussing manufacturing and trade. The students will also participate in a game of skill that village children would have played. The Chumash Tour is a fair-weather tour and in the event of rain, the tour is canceled with an opportunity to reschedule pending available dates. Teachers, if you'd like your Third Graders to experience this hand-on educational tour, please fill out the application below.

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School Tour Policies:
  • The cost of the tour for the 2023-2024 school year is $12.00 per person (students and designated chaperones); teachers and staff entry are complimentary.
  • $50 nonrefundable reservation fee due immediately after confirmation of tour - paid via check or credit card. This fee is deducted from the final tour balance.
  • The minimum number to operate the tour is 40 students with a maximum of 65. Schools with less than 40 students are requested to still fill out the tour request form and the tour coordinator will be in contact shortly.
  • We permit a maximum of 5 designated parent chaperones for the entire tour - not per class.
  • Name tags are encouraged and very helpful.
  • Only Teachers are permitted to take photos during the tour. Group photos can be taken after the tour.
  • Due to time constraints, snack must be taken before arrival at the museum.
  • No student siblings or additional children permitted.
  • The school is responsible for arranging all transportation.
  • Arrive at the museum at 9:15am to organize groups.
  • Tours are approximately 2 hours. Starting at 9:30am and ending at 11:30am unless otherwise scheduled.
  • We schedule staff for our tours based on the number of students attending. If the student numbers increase or decrease by 8 students, please notify us immediately. If the total number decreases by more than 8 students and you do not inform us at least 48 business hours before your trip, you will be charged based on the last confirmed student numbers.
  • For more information please call (818) 222-6511 or email the staff at:
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Additional Teachers Attending:
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Additional Information:

Please Let Us Know If Your Group Requires Any Special Accommodations:
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